Harvest: A Paleo Menu for the Holidays

HarvestI don’t know if you all have met Abby Knowles of Life of Riley Foods in Boulder, CO but this woman is a total bad ass. Not only was she on the CF Roots’ regional team in 2014, but she is a classically trained chef and mother, oh, and she makes some ridiculously good artisan nut butters. So needless to say, when you want someone in you corner to design a Paleo holiday menu (or to absolutely destroy a CF WOD), Abby is your woman. Continue reading

3 Tips to Surviving the Holiday Party Season like a Paleo Champ

HarvestDon’t get me wrong: I love the Holidays. I love the quietness of snowfall. The undercurrent of coziness in the air. Whole days dedicated to celebrating the people in your life via cooking and drinking red wine. I even love me some (well-timed) Christmas songs. And yet, for many of us the Holidays are wrapped up with one big stressful bow, and a passive acceptance that we’re going to feel like crap when all is said and done. Well F that! We’re taking back the Holidays. Continue reading

Girls Gone WOD Pobcast & Rowing Basics Video

I had such a blast last week going on the Girls Gone WOD podcast. Joy and Claire are local crossfitters here in Denver, and kick some serious butt. I think sometimes in crossfit we can get lost up in the competition of it all, and may forget what actually brought us through those doors in the first place. Usually it wasn’t to go to the Games, but rather to get stronger, in that multifaceted way that the gym is so good at procuring. What I love about this podcast, is that is is all about these facets of strength (and hilarity) that come up in the gym everyday. Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie Almond Milk | Paleo & Dairy Free

Pumpkin Pie Almond MIlk I have what could be defined as, a pumpkin “problem.” That is if you call consuming massive amounts of a beta-carotene charged, grounding winter squash a problem. Then yes. I do. Don’t get me wrong, summer is marvelous with all its vibrancy of flavor and texture, but there is something about those chillier seasons’ foods and flavors that make me feel like I’m home. Continue reading

A Matter of Perspective: How to Change Your Biggest Weakness into Your Greatest Asset

4 years, 20lbs, several serious haircuts, & a whole lot of life later.

4 years, 20lbs, several serious haircuts, & a whole lot of life later.

The best athletes do not always make the greatest coaches. Or rather, winning the genetic lottery, resulting in a discerning similarity to Thor, does not also mean that the winning ticket comes with the ability to connect and to inspire. There has been many a day in my life when I wished that the genetic conglomeration that is me had decided to arrange itself a little differently. Would the combination for some hand-eye skills and mathematical ability have been too much to ask for world? The answer to that question seems to be a resounding, yes. Noted. Those, and many other qualities are past my scope as a functional human being in this lifetime. Continue reading

Superfood Sprinkle (of Awesome)

superfood sprinkleFood doesn’t need to be complicated. Paleo sets a pretty rocking framework: Remove process foods, all grains & legumes, and anything else that makes you feel decidedly not awesome, and you’re doing pretty freaking good. However, while I’m all about simplicity, I am also all about tools in your toolbox. Food is a very crucial tool in that multifaceted box of yours. While eating whole, organic, vibrantly colored, & responsibly sourced foods establishes your foundation of awesomeness and health, certain foods just give that old pal, the immune system, or the adrenals, or all those friendly bacteria in your gut, or in the case of this recipe: that handy noggin of yours an extra little boost. Continue reading

Slow Cooker Chicken Drumsticks & Veggies | AKA: Easy Food for a Crowd

chicken drumsticks & veggies I love my slow cooker. It’s right up there with family, friends, & the cats (aka: the little monsters.) But seriously, what other appliance can you add minimally prepped food, walk away, come back hours (or one blissful night’s sleep later) and you have a delightful meal ready form your eating pleasure. None. That is the answer to that question. Plus, live alone and that thing feeds you for a week. Big, freaking win. Continue reading

Homemade Coconut Seed Milk

Coconut Seed MilkMy Paleo journey has been like an onion: that business has happened in layers. At first all I could handle was no grain. Then I cut out dairy. Then I cut out sugar (mostly). Then I added in plant (and tallow) based skin products. It’s been a freaking process. As I think it should be when you are making significant life shifts. Sustainability rarely emerges from drastic measures that don’t carry weight. It takes time to decide why these changes matter to you, and it is those decisions that make each change not only easier, but also the logical next step. Continue reading

Paleo Apple Cobbler

Paleo Apple Cobbler I love fall. And sweater weather. And rustling wherever I wander. And apple cobbler. I really love apple cobbler. Whenever I eat cobbler I feel like I should be plopped atop a mountain top somewhere twirling amidst the leaves, while simultaneously cozied up on my couch. It’s a complex emotional response, but what can I say, I’m a complex lady. Or at least one who really likes apple cobbler. Continue reading

Instant NOatmeal

Instant NOatmeal There is one thing that I truly do miss: oatmeal. I used to eat that business ALL THE TIME. Now it makes me feel slow and boring. Sad times. Fueled on oatmeal, the mind of this lady is not. And thus, for several years now I have been trudging through a non-oatmeal existence, knowing that one day I will find my hot-cereal home. Today is that day. Continue reading