Summer Plum Muffins |Nut Free

paleo plum muffins | paleogirlinthecityI love CO, but apparently you can grow EVERYTHING in CA. It’s ridiculous. My mom moved there a few years ago and her garden is a fruit tree growing machine: apricots, apples, figs, and yes, plums. So many plums. The other day I got a surprise box filled with 3 dozen beautiful, little plums all hunkered down individually in egg cartons (which is brilliant by the way!) I decided I needed to do something industrious with these little beauties (since I had already managed to eat 2 dozen straight-up. Enter Summer Plum Muffins. Continue reading

Zesty Lemon Balls | Raw

Zesty Lemon Balls | paleogirlinthecityI’ll just come out and say it: these balls are aggressive. No frou-frou, hint of lemon happening here. These are the real, lemony deal. Now, even the most casual perusal of this blog will quickly expose my love of sweet things. Life just doesn’t seem to be worth living without a little well-aimed sweetness. Truth. And these are sweet, but get ready friends – sour makes a bold move towards the front of your palette (and your heart) in these zesty little dudes. Continue reading

Living the Lie: Regionals 2014

verve teamHonesty is a virtue. Sure, but it is also a crutch, a limiter, & a deceiver. When I got the workouts for Regionals, honestly, I was terrified. I felt as if I had instantaneously become the weakest link on our team. Handstand walk: nope. Strict handstand pushup: maybe. 110 pound overhead squat: dicey. I tend to think I’ve honed my ability to be honest with myself, to cut through all the ego, & the bullshit and to recognize that I’m scared. But what quickly became apparent in the month leading up to Regionals was that honesty in this case was the easy way out – that I was giving myself the excuse to fail without even trying. Continue reading

Secret Ingredient Mango Smoothie

secret ingredient mango smoothie | paleogirlinthecity.comConfession A) I’m a delicate flower. Confession B) I don’t really like smoothies. Confession A+B) I don’t really like smoothies because they make my daisy-like stomach hurt. Yes, literally one of the go-to, “oh you’re having a hard time keeping things down” foods makes me want to throw up. Delicate flower. Continue reading

Food Intolerances, Allergies & Breakfast Granola Cookies | Egg Free, Nut Free & Dairy Free

Paleo Granola Cookies |

I’ve been trying to live egg-free for two weeks. My skin has been a little wonky this winter, and to appease my curiosity (while not so secretly willing it not to be so) I’ve decided to see if eggs are the culprits. Naturally the first question I ask myself whenever I make shifts to my diet is: what can I bake?! Duh. As far as I’m concerned, life is not worth living without baking (or licking the bowl after said baking.) Luckily, life will continue because these cookies are totally egg-free (nut free and diary free too) and totally AWESOME! Continue reading

Cinnamon Fig Spoon Butter

Figgy Cinn Spoon Butter - paleogirlinthecity.comOh, holy balls. This is magical. Welcome to your own little personal jar of magic. No. Big. Deal. I grew up in the Harry Potter generation here people. I experienced that deep, gut-wrenching dismay when I did not in fact get into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This recipe has made up for a tiny piece of that. Continue reading

Slow Cooker Rosemary Beef Roast

Rosemary Beef Roast - I made the brilliant decision of buying 1/8 of a grassfed cow this winter. AKA: I have a tremendous amount of frozen, quality, happy beef at my finger-tips. LOVE IT. But why was this grassy, bovine acquisition so important to me??? Lately, I’ve become really fascinated with “food energetics,” or rather, what energy the food that you consume creates when inside your body. When people ask me why I eat grassfed meat over feedlot meat one of my main answers is because it makes me feel better. Sure, it I think it tastes yummier. It is going to have a more healthful fat composition. It will be free of antibiotics and other questionable substances. All phenomenal things, but when push comes to shove, I simply feel better being fueled by the energy of an animal that lived well. Continue reading

Flourless Chocolate Mug Cake

flourless chocolate mug cake - paleogirlinthecity.comYes, this is totally a Valentine’s Day recipe, but don’t worry, these babies fit seamlessly with all V-day scenarios…

1) Hot Date: Solution: wow said hottie with your instantaneous baking skills. “Oh what, I just whipped you up a cake in 90 seconds. NBD.” Good things are sure to follow said feat. Just sayin’.

2) “F*ck Guys tonight. I just want to dance…or eat whole cake by myself.” That can be arranged, and you won’t even spiral into cake-guilt afterwards. Continue reading

Rosemary Sunflower Seed Crackers | Grain Free

Rosemary Sunflower Crackers - paleogirlinthecity.comSometimes a lady just needs a freaking cracker. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some crunchy F&V as vehicles for most things most times. Carrots, cucumbers, apples: phenomenal. But some days when someone tells me to put whatever delicious thing I’m eating a piece of cucumber instead of a cracker because it “tastes the same” I want to punch them in the face. Truth. It’s like when you’re single and your not-single friend tells you it’s better to be single, and that having a boyfriend and a cracker is totally overrated. And then you literally have to swallow the urge to react with your fists of fury (probably fueled by the gluten-black out that occurred because you did in fact eat the aforementioned cracker…) Yes, its like that. Continue reading